Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry

Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry takes action in the areas of:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Hunting
  • Water Management
  • Food Industry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Plant Protection
  • Fishery
  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Rural Development.

The main activities of the Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry include:

  • Participating in drafting and proposing legislation
  • Keeping abreast of and providing information on agricultural activities, as well as getting information on current problems of agricultural production
  • Managing and coordinating the work of the Agricultural Advisory Service in the Province. Since 2003, the Secretariat has been responsible for adopting and funding the Work Programme of the Agricultural Advisory Service of the AP of Vojvodina. The Agricultural Advisory Service of the AP of Vojvodina provides the following to the producers:
    • Expert advice and information on new production technologies
    • Professional education in different areas of interest to agricultural producers
    • Direct assistance to agricultural households
    • Free advice and assistance to all producers who get in touch with the Service
    • Special assistance, including the preparation of business plans and projects, encouraging the producers to form their associations, etc.

The Agricultural Advisory Service of the AP of Vojvodina facilitates monitoring of various field parameters for the Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry:

  • Funding and implementing the measures of protection and improvement of agricultural soil (soil quality testing, agricultural land consolidation, etc.). For a number of years, the Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry has been running a campaign entitled “A Little Effort for a Fertile Field”, which involves free soil fertility tests for individual agricultural producers
  • Funding and implementing selection measures in stock farming in order to improve it (introduction of purebred livestock with a larger production of meat and milk per head of livestock)
  • Estimating on an annual basis the funding for addressing utility issues concerning waste water drainage and treatment, storm water drainage and water supply in built-up areas. The beneficiaries of this funding include local self-governments and public utility companies. The funding is granted as part of a public competition organised twice a year. The Secretariat also provides funding for the water management activities that involve continued construction of regional hydro systems, two-purpose hydro systems (for drainage and irrigation), maintenance of the existing hydro systems, defence against floods and ice, river training and remedial works on river channels and banks to determine the condition of the banks and the safety of navigation. The contractors are water management companies under the auspices of Public Water Management Company Vode Vojvodine Novi Sad. The funding is provided under annual contracts based on the work plans and programmes for the current year.
  • Funding and implementing the Programme of Stocking Fishing Grounds with Fish
  • Planned afforestation of Vojvodina
  • By implementing the Programme of Agricultural Measures and Activities, the Secretariat has helped with equipping laboratories, funding various research, operation of agricultural associations, education of farmers, operation of hunting associations, and organisation of many cultural and educational events of interest to rural development. The Programme funding has been used towards stock farming improvement, non-conventional animal production development and other activities that help to revive rural areas.
  • Funding and implementing the Programme of Rural Development of the AP of Vojvodina. The Programme funding is used to finance projects designed to improve rural life. The Programme provides funding for the following projects: education of farmers, construction of modern facilities for the storage and marketing of agricultural products, diversification of activities with an emphasis on the development of rural tourism, reconstruction of infrastructure, improvement of organic agricultural production, promotion of renewable energy sources, etc. Some funding in this Programme includes grants and is provided in a public competition.

The competencies of the Secretariat also include the following:

  • Approving the Medium-Term Programme of Fishery Improvement in Fisheries Areas;
  • Allowing the use of Fisheries Areas;
  • Deciding on a fee for the use Fisheries Areas;
  • Specifying expert activities aimed at agricultural production improvement;
  • Approving special management plans and management programmes for private forests;
  • Establishing hunting reserves and approving the management thereof;
  • Approving hunting plans for a hunting reserve;
  • Approving water management fees.

The Secretariat also prepares the acts adopted by the Assembly and Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina pertaining to the following:

  • Agricultural and rural development programme;
  • Acts on setting up a special budget, funds and other forms of organisation;
  • Balance of agricultural products and foodstuffs and major auxiliary goods and the conditions for the export and import of certain products;
  • Agricultural soil use protection and development programme;
  • Programme of selection measures for improving stock farming and setting up a Scientific and Expert Committee for implementing selection measures in stock farming;
  • Game improvement, protection and breeding programme;
  • General guidelines for the development and improvement of forests and the Water Management Master Plan;
  • Proposing measures for implementing programmes, guidelines and planning documents and monitoring their execution;
  • Preparing acts on incorporating forest and water management companies and acts on setting up agricultural services;
  • Preparing other relevant decisions and general acts;
  • Supervising the work of the agricultural service and exercising administrative supervision with the exception of inspection;
  • Engaging in cooperation with all competent agriculture, water management and forestry authorities at republic and provincial level.

Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry

The Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops

The European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

Csongrád County Self-Government