Training in Hungary in Product Processing and Marketing

Following the seminars conducted in Vršac, Ruma and Futog under the name Growing Vegetables in Backyards, training involving 10 meetings will be provided within the framework of the AGRINNO Project in Mórahalom, each meeting taking the form of a three-day seminar on Product Processing and Marketing. The purpose of the seminars organised for Serbian producers is to present them with opportunities for making and marketing finished products. During three-day seminars, 2 days of theoretical training will be followed by 1 day of practical training, when the project target group will visit demonstration farms, processing plants and cooperatives and have an opportunity to see and find out about the process of high-quality production, processing methods and marketing terms.

The training materials will be printed and will cover the following 10 topics:

  • Agriculture as a Way of Providing for Oneself
  • Personalised SWOT Analysis with a Particular Emphasis on Logistics and Markets
  • Short-term and Long-term Strategies and Business Planning
  • How to Produce and Sell?
  • Processes of Processing
  • Importance of Quality
  • Professional Qualifications, Exhibitions, Self-Education
  • Creating a Brand
  • Building Communication and Developing Business Relations in the Long Run
  • Examples of Good Practic

While visiting the demonstration farms, farmers from Vojvodina will get motivated to become self-employed or even potential employers, as the project will provide them with autonomy and improve their standard of living through the transfer of skills. The long-term goal is to pass on and implement the results in practice and connect the target group with the market, shops and shopping centres, establish interregional cooperation, reduce transport costs and achieve competitive prices.