Seminar ‘Growing Plants in Backyards’ half done

Professional lectures on an innovation approach as part of vegetable farming featuring interesting and up-to-date topics have been delivered within the framework of the AGRINNO Project in three agricultural schools in Ruma, Futog and Vršac once a month. They are organised by the experts and project team members of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops from Novi Sad.

The professional lectures are planned to be held from November 2018 to April 2019, with 6 workshops to be run in each of the schools, i.e. a total of 18 workshops.

Nine workshops have been run so far on a variety of topics of modern vegetable farming. We have discussed the importance of the quality of soil in vegetable farming, the role of crop rotation in vegetable farming, the types of protected areas in vegetable farming, preventive measures in vegetable farming, vegetable irrigation, composting – a natural way of garden bio-waste recycling, pepper farming technology, as well as economically important pepper and tomato diseases.

All workshops have received a lot of attention with 40-60 participants in each of them.

When the spring comes, project-funded greenhouses are expected to be put up in the agricultural schools, which will provide an opportunity for practical application of the topics covered in the seminar.